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Providing Everything You Need


Basic:  Meal + snack  

Choose your own (warm) bowl, all dishes are also filled with seasonal veggies:

  • Warm Indian Dahl 

  • Red Curry and tofu

  • Creamy stir fry peanut noodles with edamame

  • poke bowl

  • Ask us for more new option.

As snack we offer banana bread, courgette cake, Twix cake (GF) or pita with our homemade hummus​

Total per person


€15. For 10+ people and a minimum purchase of five bowls each dish.


Buffet: Variety of fresh and healthy food

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Including warm and/or hot dishes. From very simple to an extra touch everywhere. Choose for selfservice or let us help the people where needed.  

Price range between €15-30 per person.


Events: Small bites + drinks

Small bites for events vary  

€1.25 per piece: wrap bites/caprese bites (picture)/falafel + dip 

€1,50 per piece: homemade focaccia plus dip/mini quiche

€1,75 per piece: personalized cupcakes (red velvet or chocolate) with logo on it (minimum 30 cupcakes)

We also arrange drinks like juices/soda/softdrinks and we even offer our bartender services for cocktails. 

Our ZZP services: Independent chef, bartender, waitress, barista.  

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