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Dutch healthy food mixed with Mexican flavors

Our adventure

Two completely different people becoming the best mix for a beautiful new concept. Daphne (NL) and Abraham (MX) are the proud owners of Rebel Kitchen.

Daphne studied for nutrition & dietitian, sport nutrition, personal trainer and run her first marathon at the age of 21 in New York. She found her passion in the healthy lifestyle and hospitality. She moved to Canada in 2017 and started cooking plant-based meals for families and baking granola to sell. When She left Canada in 2019 to go to Mexico she met Abraham and it only took a second for them to fall in love. Abraham was still working in the Mexican Navy, but with a big heart for cooking, they openend their own vegan take-away/delivery restaurant in Acapulco. Our mission is to show people how delicious a low-impact meal can be. Conscious living and saving the planet is the main goal at Rebel Kitchen 100% Plantbased. 


The amazing mix between healthy sustainable vegan meals and Mexican flavors are a combination that is unique and very much liked by our clients. 

Since 2021 they continued their work in the Netherlands. Now cooking for (birthday/celebration) parties, sustainable companies, meditation/sport centers or other restaurants/hotels. 

We would like to show that a plant-based diet can be just as delicious as any other diet. One meal at the time.

We hope to cook for you soon!

Daphne & Abraham

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